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Plastic Produce Bags: Break the Bad Habit

Break the bad habit of grabbing the plastic produce bags in the produce aisle, and switch to reusable canvas produce bags. Most plastic produce bags found in grocery stores are made of plastic that doesn't biodegrade or recycle easily. Create a new habit of stashing these sturdy, reusable, washable canvas bags in your reusable shopping bags. Take them to the farmers market, and use them when shopping for bulk foods to prevent more plastic waste.           

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Ditch Plastic's Big 5

The Take-Out Tote replaces the 5 most common plastic items found discarded in the ocean: Plastic Straws, Plastic To-Go food containers, Plastic Bags, Plastic Cutlery, Plastic Water Bottles.

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5 EASY Zero Waste Kitchen Swaps

Create a Kitchen Free of Plastics and products that shed microplastics. 1. A bamboo scrubber and jute sponge work just as well as a plastic sponges, and don't shed microplastics with daily use. They are washable and biodegradable.  2. Canvas reusable and washable produce/bulk bags carry your fruits,veggies and bulk foods home without using non-recyclable plastic produce bags.  3. Use bar dish soap to avoid dish soap in plastic bottles. Wipe with a wet sponge or dishcloth to create suds, or run underwater for a few seconds. It will cut grease while creating a beautiful scent. Use for cleaning counter-tops and surfaces, as well as a laundry stick!  4. Use Stainless steel food containers to store food instead of plastic...

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