About Me


I have been an environmental activist since the age of 10, when I became the youngest volunteer at what was then called the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Refuge. Since then my journey to help the planet has taken me as far off as Namibia in Southwestern Africa to volunteer with the elephant conservation group EHRA, and back home to table on plastic free awareness or take action with Anonymous for the Voiceless. These experiences are a constant reminder of how important it is to involve local communities in the conservation movement in order to have a sustainable impact. As a teacher, I continue to teach my students that we all have the power to become environmental stewards by making good choices in our daily lives. My aim is to empower people with a message that their daily habits matter to the health of the planet. 

My e-commerce site is just an extension of my goal to give everyone the opportunity to help our planet by moving toward a zero waste lifestyle. My belief is that by considering the life cycle of the products we use, and the materials they're made from, we can become active participants in planet renewal.