Reusable Natural Sponge
Reusable Natural Sponge

Reusable Natural Sponge

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100% Jute Sponge for Kitchen and Bath (1) 

Naturally anti-bacterial and antiseptic

Hand Made

Fully compostable

Free of chemical dyes

Washable and Reusable for 6mos-year. Machine wash and continue to use. 

Jute matures in 120 days, CO2 neutral, and is a rotated crop so you don't take away land from food production. 

*All synthetic sponges are made from plastics, use chemical coloring, and don't compost or biodegrade. They are difficult to disinfect, so are frequently discarded to landfill. 

Dimensions are 4.5" in diameter, and 1/2 in width.